About Us



Gul Khan is the man of a colorful symphony, who is all about creating stuff that is handmade and hand painted. His story is unique and his idea is immersed in traditions and cultures that is loud and full of expressions but also, beautiful and brilliant. His products speak for his imagination of contrast and vibrancy, the quirkiness of his nature is clearly depicted in his keepsakes which were ecstatically appealing, He was asked by many to start sharing his passion with people, Hence, Gul Khan Truck Art officially came into existence to spread the jingles of chroma and luminosity.

Gul Khan Truck Art is an art lover’s paradise that was created with the sole purpose of spreading handmade magic that is one of a kind and by that, we literally mean that each of our products are exclusively designed for you which is why you will never find any two items alike. Our artistic products have a distinctive representation of emotion and passion but they also have an instant reflection of humor, just a dash of it. Gul Khan knows how valued personalization is in this world and you can clearly witness it in our products. Our designs and details are analyzed and evaluated by our in house artisans who make sure that everything is exclusively designed to match your taste. Enjoying the little things in life, our purpose is to create a magical pathway from our heart to yours, with all our love.