Being a traditional Pakistani, I came across Gul Khan Truck Art just at the right time!

I’ve always been adding fashionable and lively things in my surroundings and this time it was about my workplace! Being a fan of culture and on top of that Pakistani culture, I came across Gul Khan Truck Art just at the right time during their sales!
Chai and cigarette is known as one of the universal combinations among Pakistanis and who wouldn’t just agree with me on that? For a boost at work I ordered this lively and full of colours Cigarette Box with fine details on it as it’s made of Hammered Metal Work also known as Chamakpatti work when it comes to truck art. This has so far been my best purchase at their online store/website and I’ve been drivelling over the beautiful details on the delicate chamakpatti work done on the cigarette box.

I had to pair it with a mug so it can be the best combo and here I go, all the way to this sassy and humorous mug from Gul Khan Truck Art! I absolutely love how it brings humour into my conversations with colleagues at work, because it’s too attractive and pretty noticeable. Everyone reads it while having chai with me and humour just kicks into our chat, straightaway!
Overall, my online shopping experience with them has been great because of the timely delivery and pocket-friendly prices. I’m definitely planning to shop more because who doesn’t love adding an extra oomph in their everyday life right? I also loved how prompt they were to my queries regarding the products and that has made me one content customer already.

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